what is car diagnostic test ?

what is car diagnostic test ?

What is the best multi-brand car diagnostic case? Complete guide!

Top 3: Multi-brand car diagnostic case 2020

There are many advantages to owning a vehicle, but it is true that when breakdowns do arise, things can get really complicated. And for good reason, unless you are a skilled mechanic, finding the origin of the failure and fixing it is particularly difficult. Very often, it is necessary to have to call a professional, thus generating high expenses. However, many brands today are developing devices that will allow you to know precisely what problem your vehicle is suffering from. Indeed, the OBD2 multi-brand car diagnostic case has been very successful in recent years, and in this article, you will quickly understand why.

Choose a diagnostic case

In order that you can know concretely what a self diagnostic case is, and which one will fully satisfy you. We will give you lots of advice. But we will also highlight some devices that deserve your full attention because they are particularly efficient while being financially very interesting. Thus, in a few moments, the auto diagnostic case will no longer have any secrets for you, which will allow you to choose yours with the guarantee of being fully satisfied with your purchase.

Of course the professional diagnostic case will be more efficient and we will tell us about it at the end of the article. In spite of everything, there are powerful “cheap diagnostic cases”. We are going to present to you here the best of the multi-brand diagnostic case .

What is an auto diagnostic case?

The auto diagnostic case, also called fault code reader , is a compact device most of the time equipped with a screen that will allow you to know precisely what is the origin of the breakdown in your vehicle. But this equipment will also allow you to take the lead since it can alert you to any mechanical anomaly even before a failure occurs. To use it, nothing could be simpler. All you need to do is connect your diagnostic case to the standard 16-pin type OBD II connector present in each car.

Cheap diagnostic case

A diagnostic case does not necessarily cost a fortune, especially if you compare its price to that of the passage to the diagnostic case in a garage.

However, depending on your vehicle model, this OBD 2 connector is not placed in the same location. To find it, if you do not know it, you can consult the maintenance manual for your car or consult specialized websites which will tell you where to find this ODB connector for auto diagnostic case depending on your model. Once you have plugged it in, all you have to do is turn it on and make a few small adjustments so that in just a few seconds, mechanical faults are communicated to you.

The best auto diagnostic case: JDiag OBD

The JDiag OBD auto diagnostic case is currently the best-selling model on the internet, and this well-deserved success is due to the fact that it is easy to use and particularly reliable. Even if you are not quite comfortable with auto mechanics, there is no doubt that you will be able to take full advantage of this ergonomic and economical fault code reader to its fullest.

A universal diagnostic case

Mainly designed for gasoline cars manufactured from the year 2000, this car case will also be able, in most cases, to inform you about possible malfunctions of your diesel vehicle. What makes the strength of this model is that you will not need to provide any adjustment to be able to use it. You just need to plug it in and turn it on to see the information you are looking for.

A really inexpensive multi-brand suitcase

Offered at a truly affordable price, the JDiag OBD auto diagnostic case is a device that will prove essential to any motorist. In addition, the amount of information it will offer you is particularly impressive since you will be able to know in real time various data such as voltage, engine temperature, speed or even the state of the fuel supply system by example. In short, thanks to this JDiag fault code reader, you will always be aware of even the smallest problem before it even escalates.

Autophix OBD2 diagnostic case: The best quality / price ratio

If you are a particularly demanding consumer looking for the very best, then the Autophix OBD2 diagnostic case is of great interest to you. Offered at a price slightly higher than the average, it must be admitted, its quality / price ratio is really interesting. And for good reason, it is a complete equipment that will allow you to identify all possible malfunctions or breakdowns of your car, but not only.

OBD2 fault code reader

Offered with a screen entirely in French, a rare thing in this field, the Autophix OBD2 fault code reader will allow you to know in real time all the useful mechanical information about your vehicle. But you will also be able to save this information directly in the device so that you can reuse it later. This model gives you a wide choice of possibilities, and whatever your requirements, there is no doubt that they will all be met.

A high-performance auto suitcase

What explains the great success of this Autophix OBD2 auto diagnostic kit , besides the fact that it is efficient, is the fact that it does not just give you the fault codes of your vehicle. Thanks to its integrated library, you can easily know which problem corresponds to each code, which will obviously make you more comfortable and efficient.

Intey OBD OBDII: the best cheap auto diagnostic case

Designed for gasoline-powered cars released after the year 2000, the Intey OBD OBDII auto diagnostic case is an easy-to-use and extremely efficient model that will help you take care of your vehicle in the most efficient way. Thanks to its generous screen and unparalleled ergonomics, this device will quickly become essential to your eyes.

An efficient OBD2 scanner

If this Intey OBD OBDII fault code reader is also popular today, it is because it allows anyone to be able to derive the best benefits from it without any special technical mastery being required. Indeed, thanks to its four keys, it is currently one of the easiest models to use in its category.

A multi-brand diagnostic case in French

Of course, like most other devices, this diagnostic case will be able to suppress any error messages that may appear on your dashboard. However, we draw your attention to the fact that these should only be erased if the fault is truly resolved. Anyway, this inexpensive diagnostic case has all the chances of fully satisfying you as it is reliable.

Our opinion on multi-brand diagnostic cases

The big advantage of multi-brand diagnostic cases lies in their very definition. In our opinion , it is the best choice within a family which generally owns several cars, and often of different brands. Indeed, a study conducted a few years ago showed the automotive panel of an average family. The father often drove the family sedan, Madame with a coupe and the son with a less statutory car, often more fun and older too. Often, if not always, it was a mini multi-make fleet. A single multibrand diagnostic case can therefore detect malfunctions of all the cars in the household.

Professional diagnostic case obd 2 multi brand

Here we enter fully into professional diagnosis. It is with this kind of tool that your mechanic performs the famous passage from a car to a suitcase. Of course, the investment is always more important, but the services rendered are much more important. A professional diagnostic case offers great advantages since it can diagnose besides engine problems a multitude of other faults. It will also allow you after repair to erase the fault codes for the handbrake, air bag, transmissions or ABS and many others.

Professional multi-brand diagnostic case

Yes, there is an affordable professional OBD II diagnostic case! We tested one, a real change of world. First of all at the level of the display in French and especially at the level of the recognition of the vehicle to pass to the suitcase. The speed of execution is also a bluffing factor. Pro cases are also scalable over time and updates allow new cars to be incorporated as they go out.

Autel MaxiCOM® MK808 OBD2 professional diagnostic tool 

We liked: Its immediate use upon receipt. Its original use in French. The possibility of resetting the keys, the adjustment of the injectors, the battery and its many applications. The guarantee as well as the reputation of the manufacturer. The possibility of updates.

Where to buy an auto diagnostic case at the best price?

If you are looking for a self diagnostic kit that is efficient and affordable, then the best place to go is Amazon.fr. Indeed, the brand offers many different models that will allow you to easily find the one that meets all of your requirements. If you wish, you can also acquire such equipment in a specialized store, however, it is better to know that in this specific case, you will have to pay a high price.

When looking for an auto diagnostic case at Amazon.com , you will be spoiled for choice, which will ensure you find the perfect device. It’s a bit like finding a car polisher , but it’s still much more technical. In addition, the brand knows better than anyone how to take care of its customers. This is why it offers you exceptional services such as extremely fast delivery or a satisfied or refunded guarantee extended free of charge to 60 days.

Multi-brand diagnostic cases reader reviews

Your opinion interests us, do not hesitate to leave it in comment! We will respond to them as quickly as possible and based on our knowledge, testing and experience.

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