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inversion table therapy

Incredible Benefits and Benefits of Inversion Table Therapy

Spiders, monkeys and bats, among other things, had tried to warn us of the benefits of inversion therapy which consists of hanging your feet in the air and upside down. Today, thanks to decades of research, scientists, doctors, physical therapists and coaches from different sports all agree that inversion therapy offers many health benefits at almost every level. . Research continues, and surprising discoveries are multiplying. 

Inversion therapy involves putting your body in a position that places the head lower than the heart. It should be noted that for this therapy, one often finds oneself with feet higher than the head, but not always. Some positions, such as the dolphin that is borrowed from yoga, can raise the heart above the head without having feet in the air. In the position of the dolphin, hands and feet are on the ground, but the heart is above the head.

The inverted position negates the negative effects of gravity, and because of this, is one of the most effective techniques to fight back problems, some joint problems, to improve the functioning of the nervous system, reduce stress , fight the traces of age, strengthen the immune system, help detoxify, relax the mind, and much more.

The contemporary style of inversion therapy involves in most cases tools such as an inversion table for neck pain , an inversion chair, gravity boots that allow you to hang your feet in the air, and others. But she also uses some traditional yoga positions like the position on the hands or head like a pear tree, and other positions including the shoulders on the ground and the rest of the body in the air. Recently, traditional yoga inversion positions have become easier to achieve thanks to a new form of yoga called “aerobics yoga” that meets growing interest everywhere it has been launched. For the realization of inverted yoga poses in aerobics yoga, we use a kind of fabric hammock hanging from the ceiling.

Although humans have not spent as much time upside down as spiders, monkeys or bats, archaeologists have found evidence that some men and women use some form of inversion therapy to health reasons since the Stone Age. You may be surprised to learn that many secret societies in history practiced some form of inversion therapy to strengthen their bodies and improve their mental abilities. However, these secret societies practiced their inversion rituals in secret because they believed that it gave their members considerable advantages over their competitors and their potential enemies. Among these practitioners of inversion therapy, there are among others impressive masters yogis of ancient India,

The secret is now lifted, and the inversion therapy is accessible to as many people as possible!

Here is a list of main benefits related to this revolutionary practice:

The main benefits of inversion therapy

Eliminates the need for surgery in case of back pain

Too often, classical medicine advises important and intrusive surgical procedures to fight back pain. These interventions are often very painful, they require long periods of convalescence and rehabilitation, and most importantly, they are not always effective in the long term, and the pain can resurface in general two years after the operation. it means that after suffering this long and painful process, you end up at the starting point just a few years later. The inversion therapy, it allows to completely eliminate back pain in most cases in just a few weeks, and without having to spend on billiards!

And the good news does not stop there:

If you have chronic back pain, following some inversion exercises regularly, you can live without pain for decades without having to undergo surgery.

Research from February 2003 to September 2006, conducted by a university in Newcastle, England, goes in this direction. In this study, twenty-two patients who had sciatic nerve pain due to protrusion of a spinal disc were observed. In any case, their respective physicists had recommended surgery, but patients all hoped to avoid it through physical therapy. These patients were separated into two groups. Group A patients received a simple physical therapy, and Group B patients also underwent inversion table inversion therapy. The results of the study are clear, and show that patients in group B recovered much more effectively from their back pain. Here is a summary of the results:

  • Seventy-eight percent of patients in group A, who therefore had only simple physical therapy, had to have surgery after the study.
  • Only 23 percent of patients in group B, who followed in addition to physical therapy, a reversal therapy, had to have surgery after the study.

This means that the inversion therapy allowed 77 percent of the group to avoid the long and painful process of back surgery.
It is true that there are certain undesirable effects related to the follow – up of the inversion therapy, but it should be noted that they only happen in very rare cases. This should give you the opportunity to offer you a table of inversion , and to live the rest of your life without these tiring back pain.
If you are interested in this clinical study and want to know more, it is available on the internet.
It would seem from this and similar studies that no one should opt for back surgery until they have tried reversal therapy. This advice is only valid if the patient has no other health problems, such as glaucoma, in which case reversal therapy can be dangerous.

Repairs herniated discs and relieves pain related

Each vertebra in your back is separated from the others by a soft disc. These discs have the mission to absorb the shocks that your back receives, and to leave room for the nerves of the spine to connect the nerves outside the column without being compressed. Unfortunately, walking and sitting during the day, gravity puts pressure on your vertebrae and your discs. This results in a compression of the disks and vertebrae that are packed together towards the bottom.
Herniated discs occur when the soft part in the center of a disc comes out of its original location between two vertebrae, resulting in abnormal pressure on the spinal cord. It is for this reason that herniated discs are also called “disc slip” or “disc rupture”.

Herniated discs often create pinching nerves, which can result in pain that may be benign at first, but can also become absolutely unbearable. When the pain becomes too strong to be supported or it affects too much the daily tasks of a patient, the doctors recommend in most cases the surgical intervention. However, as we have just seen, offering yourself a simple inversion table would make it possible to avoid this and live without pain for the long term.

Unfortunately, however, these surgeries can be dangerous, and do not always work, let alone convalescence and rehabilitation time. Doctors may also recommend cortisol injections, and prescribe more or less powerful analgesics, but these techniques do not solve the problem of substance. The relief they offer is only temporary, and almost never allows the patient to live without pain. In addition, there is a risk of significant addiction to this type of substance.

The inversion therapy will decompress the vertebra in a gentle but safe way, which very often allows the disc to get back to the right place. This helps to remove the pressure that was applied to the pinched nerves, resulting in relief, see a total disappearance of the pain caused. Decompression also greatly improves blood circulation in the disc, which helps to eliminate unnecessary bodies, and to facilitate the arrival of oxygen. This greatly speeds up the process of rebuilding the damaged disk.

Many people wonder if there is any real clinical research about the treatment of herniated disc by inversion therapy. To answer this question, it is first important to understand how medical research is funded most of the time. Pharmaceutical companies and those who develop and manufacture surgical tools of all kinds are the ones who finance the vast majority of clinical and medical research. This partly explains why one finds oneself reading entire publications that extol the merits of drugs and surgeries, leaving no room for alternative treatments that sometimes work at least as well or better … Knowing this, It can be concluded that it is often more important to look at the results that professionals obtain by using alternative treatments on large groups of patients than to read biased publications by companies seeking maximum profit. If professionals get positive results on the majority of their patients, and the side effects are very limited or absent, this is tangible proof of the effect of an alternative treatment.

Relieves sciatic nerve pain

The sciatic nerve pain can range from the strange sensation of tingling or falling asleep, to an absolutely unbearable violent pain. These painful sensations begin in the lower back, and extend across the pelvis to connect the upper legs. This is due to the fact that the pain extends over the sciatic nerve end to end, and the latter is rather long.

  1. Sciatic nerve pain can be the result of several factors:
  2. A herniated disc in the lumbar region (lower back)
  3. Too-contracted and tight muscles in the lumbar region that support the sciatic nerve
  4. Spinal lumbar stenosis, which is a narrowing of the spinal canal in the lumbar region
  5. Spondylosis, which means that one of the lumbar vertebrae has slipped on another
  6. A pregnancy that exerts abnormal pressure on the sciatic nerve
  7. Muscular imbalance

Fortunately, your purchase of an inversion table can relieve these sciatic nerve pains if they are caused by one or more of the cases listed above. However, it is always important to consult your doctor before embarking on inversion therapy, especially if you are pregnant.Did you know ? Surgery in case of sciatica does not significantly relieve pain, and does not automatically solve the problem of sciatica, according to several very serious studies on this subject. The doctors were so convinced by their study that they asked themselves questions about whether the surgical procedure had the slightest effect on the natural process and evolution of sciatica.

We have seen above how inversion therapy can help herniate disc herniations. Decompression of the spine and spinal cord can also cause a displaced vertebra to reposition itself. Inversion therapy also helps relax the muscles and ligaments that surround the spinal canal, which revitalizes the discs between the vertebrae allowing them to fill with fluid, nutrients, and oxygen again.

If you have not done so yet, it may be wise to read or re-read the impressive results of the University of Newcastle study mentioned above, which shows that 77 percent of One hundred per cent of patients with sciatica who had used inversion therapy managed to avoid the long and painful process of surgery that had been recommended to them by their referring physicians.

If you suffer from unbearable pain, or throbbing pains that drive you crazy like tendinitis, bursitis, sciatica, fibromyalgia, neuropathies and so much more, it may be time to test reversal therapy. More and more reviews of users on the net attest to the incredible effectiveness of this technique.

Cervical spinal stenosis

Cervical spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal cord in the vertebrae of the neck. This results in blockages of the neck, and pains that can extend to the shoulders and descend in the back. This problem is usually caused by thickening of the ligaments in this area, and by osteoarthritis problems.

The two symptoms associated with this problem can be alleviated, or even completely cured in some cases, with daily inversion therapy sessions of just a few minutes. This will allow you to stretch and relax the ligaments gently. This will also bring nutrients to the cartilage, and eliminate the toxins that tend to accumulate in this area. The cartilage can heal faster and much easier.

Prevents the creation of osteoarthritis, and relieves the pain related to it

According to the very serious Arthritis Foundation, this highly intrusive disease affects about 27 million people in America, and hundreds of millions around the world. Initially, it is characterized by cartilage wear in the joints, which is caused by inflammation and physical wear often related to age. More or less quickly, when the cartilage is worn, the shock absorbing capacity decreases, until disappearing completely. In the end, you end up with your bones in direct contact with each other, which creates intense pain with each movement. Osteoarthritis mainly affects the bones of the back, hands, knees, hips, and shoulders.

Even though osteoarthritis is considered a chronic, life-threatening disease, it can affect your daily life very hard. The small moments of pleasure in life, such as playing with your children or grandchildren, walking your dog, going out with your friends and others, are becoming more and more problematic.

Fortunately, a few minutes of daily inversion therapy can significantly relieve the pain you feel and that is related to osteoarthritis. Reversal therapy can also slow or even stop the progression of osteoarthritis in your bone system. Some individuals have even experienced a decline in their osteoarthritis, which has surprised many doctors when it is found in X-ray. This type of evidence of the effectiveness of inversion therapy is one of the reasons why More and more doctors are becoming ardent supporters of inversion tables and other inversion tools.Did you know? Inversion tables are very affordable if you know where to go for them. Some of the best-selling reversal tables on the market today are considered Low Cost, and user and buyer reviews of their product-quality topics abound on various retail sites.

Corrects and relieves scoliosis pain

Scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine that takes the form of an S or C. Although research on the different ways of treating this problem is still in its infancy, many researchers already agree that reversal therapy can be used to improve or even correct scoliosis.

Fortunately, children very easily accept inversion therapy treatments. They do not see inversion tables as medical tools, but more like games. Therefore, this makes the treatment of scoliosis in children much easier by reversal therapy than other treatments such as the placement of braces or even plasters, which is more like torture for the child. child than anything else. Remember to consult your doctor or specialists before exposing the child to inversion therapy, and regularly during treatment. Some children’s health conditions may not be compatible with the use of an inversion table.

It is important to keep in mind that a child’s bones will harden permanently between 12 and 14 years of age. This means that reversal therapy will have faster and more significant effects on children under 12 years of age.

Unfortunately, according to the National Scoliosis Foundation, the exact cause of nearly 85 percent of scoliosis cases remains unknown. This makes the treatment of scoliosis much more complicated than that of many other bone problems of the same kind. However, inversion therapy has a considerable advantage in this case because it works for different problems simultaneously, while having very limited risks of side effects. This increases the chances of this treatment to relieve the pain of scoliosis, and even to correct it.

If you want to get in touch with other people who are undergoing inversion therapy to treat their scoliosis and to relieve their pain, know that there are many forums in all languages ​​on the net on which the users of inversion or other tools share their experiences, give advice, talk about results, etc. It may be interesting to ask questions of other inversion therapists. If you are not convinced of its effectiveness, some testimonials will surely make you change your mind …

Relieves symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Some individuals with fibromyalgia reported that their symptoms remained after reversal therapy.

Since the exact causes of fibromyalgia are not fully understood at this time, the reasons why inversion therapy sometimes helps to relieve its symptoms also remain unclear. However, it is suspected that many people suffering from this disease have a higher level of cortisol (the stress hormone) than normal, and a level of serotonin (the hormone of well being) lower than normal. Hypothyroidism is also associated with fibromyalgia.Inversion therapy is known to positively affect neurotransmitters, to balance hormones, and to make people more apt to feel good, and less susceptible to pain in general. Knowing this, one might think that inversion can help improve the functioning of the endocrine system.

Relieves headaches

Inversion therapy relieves headaches in many ways.

First, re-aligning the spine can help reduce muscle spasms in your shoulders and neck, which are often the cause of headaches.
Secondly, the inversion relaxes the muscles of the face, around the skull, and in the blow. This helps to reduce headaches related to tension in these muscles.
Thirdly, inversion is known to reduce the level of stress, which will positively affect your possible headaches.
Fourth, improving the blood flow associated with inversion as well as increasing the efficiency of your lymphatic system will help get rid of the toxins in your system that can create headaches.

Improves the functioning of your lungs

In the vertical upright position, blood tends to accumulate in the lower lungs. When you follow a reversal therapy session, this accumulated blood will be redistributed in the upper part of your lungs, which will provide more oxygen to these organs, and thus improve their functioning.

Helps to unblock your sinuses

Inversion has two positive effects on your blocked sinuses.

  • First, improving your overall blood circulation will help provide your nasal passages with high quality blood and high oxygen levels. This will keep your channels in good shape so they work as efficiently as possible.
  • Secondly, more blood will be sent and your head, which will help eliminate any residues that have lodged in your nasal passages.

Helps to breathe more easily

The more inversion you practice, the more powerful your diaphragm will become. Thanks to this, you will realize that your breathing becomes easier and requires less effort. It also promotes a deeper breathing, during which the lower part of your lungs will fill with air more often. The lower part of your lungs is less used, and therefore more effective than the upper part to collect oxygen. Thus, your improved breathing will help distribute more oxygen into your system and the rest of your body, including your brain and other vital organs.

Improves blood circulation

When you use a reversal table, your heart does not have to work as hard as usual because gravity will help bring blood from the different ends of your body, and the efforts to send the blood to brain are greatly minimized. In addition to this, as the blood that has accumulated in the different lower parts of your body will be evacuated during the inversion, the new and clean blood will flow more easily into your system.

Improves the functioning of the heart

As we saw above, the heart does not work as hard as usual during an inversion session. This allows this body to enjoy a little well deserved rest. The blood that moves naturally to the brain through gravity will release neurotransmitters that will signal to the heart that it can slow down. Some users of the inversion tables have also reported a reduction in their cardiac arrhythmia after their inversion sessions. If you suffer from heart problems, do not forget to consult your doctor or specialist before embarking on inversion therapy.

Attenuates varicose veins

One of the main causes of varicose veins is stagnation of blood in the extremities of the lower limbs. If you practice inversion therapy on a regular basis, this should not be a problem, and the creation of varicose veins will be prevented.

Help with digestion

This is one of the benefits of inversion therapy that is rarely talked about, but it can be very important. When the body is inverted, feces that move into the valve between the small intestine and the large intestine are helped by gravity instead of having to fight against it as is the case in a vertical upright position classic. This helps your digestive system function more efficiently.

Peristalsis is also aided by inversion therapy, since gravity drives excrement to the walls of the intestine. This will help get rid of the old feces that have lodged in your intestines and that can create a toxic environment and lead to a multitude of more or less serious health problems, such as internal bleeding, intestinal cramps, or even a blockage of the colon.

Improves the functioning of the lymphatic system

While the press often focuses on the heart, the immune system, and the digestive system, it is also important to talk about the lymphatic system. This system profoundly affects all other internal systems of your body because it is responsible for the elimination of toxins.

Unfortunately, the heart is not involved in the process of sending and circulating lymphatic fluids. This means that your lymphatic fluids have to move mechanically using your body movements. That’s why some of us end up with legs, ankles, or swollen feet during the day. It is the result of lymphatic fluids that stagnate in these lower parts when the mechanical forces related to the movements are not strong enough to fight the force of gravity. When we go to bed at night, it gives these fluids the chance to fight more easily against gravity, but the body being more or less still, the mechanical forces are also very weak at this moment,

Help with the functioning of the immune system

A lymphatic system that works best is necessary to have an effective immune system. It is for this reason that those who practice inversion therapy routinely get sick more rarely than when they did not practice it. This is partly because their bodies are routinely cleansed of toxins, so their immune system does not have to work as hard as usual. This allows the immune system to focus on other infections and possible bacteria.

In 2008, Indian researchers named Sarika Arora and Jayashree Bhattacharjee published an article on research on yoga and its positive effects on stress and the functioning of the immune system. In this article, the researchers talk about the fact that inversion improves the functioning of the lymphatic system, which has the effect of improving the functioning of the immune system. If you want to know more, you can find the result of their research on the Internet.

Revitalizes the internal organs

As you increase your oxygen supply, improve circulation, and improve the efficiency of your lymphatic system with inversion therapy, you will also revitalize all your internal organs. The inversion therapy is really beneficial for the whole of your system.

Quickly improves your posture

Bad body positions result in compressions at the neck and upper vertebrae, and these can eventually get out of their initial alignment. In addition to this, the muscles around them contract excessively, and begin to stay in permanent tension positions. These tensions and compressions of the vertebrae can make the good positions of the body impossible, even with a lot of effort.

Even with the help of a good therapist who will show you the best exercises to improve your posture, progress may be very slow, and you may never find good posture without the need for superhuman effort. unless you are going into reverse therapy. This is the quickest and easiest technique to solve the problems associated with repeated bad postures: Severe compression of the vertebrae, and extra-tight muscles that remain in a position for too long and therefore render very complicated change of position.

If you want to improve your posture quickly, reversal therapy is the best method available right now.

Improves the flexibility and range of your movements

Improving the flexibility and range of motion is one of the most important benefits of reversal therapy. The key to keeping your spine flexible is to keep your discs well hydrated and filled with this viscous substance that is in their midst. Unfortunately, gravity pulls permanently on your vertebrae, which has the effect of bringing out the liquid in your discs, a little like when you press a sponge.

When you adopt a horizontal lying position to sleep at night, your vertebrae are decompressed to a certain limit, and a large part of the fluid comes to relocate in your disks. However, they are never 100 percent full during the night, which means that over the years, we are losing more and more of this spongy substance in the center of our records, and we are becoming therefore less and less flexible. The best way to fight the aging process is to get into inversion therapy, and to decompress your vertebrae even more than when you lie down. If you use your inversion table daily, or at least several times a week, your discs will stay fully hydrated and you will not lose flexibility over the years. In fact, a significant number of senior citizens who combine inversion therapy with a simple exercise and a healthy and balanced diet are more flexible than some people who are half their age!

Improves the condition of your joints

Many of your joints support your weight: your back bones, your hips, your knees, and your ankles. The latter bear very heavy loads and significant shocks over the years, in addition to the effect of gravity which exerts considerable pressure on your cartilage, and which presses the fluid out of your joints. When you follow an inversion therapy, the force of gravity is canceled, and fluids can rush to feed the joints that support your weight. Your circulation improves, and your ligaments and muscles finally have an opportunity to relax. This can be very good news for people who suffer from gout, or similar problems in the knees or ankles.

Realign your spine after workouts

In addition to helping you recover after your physical training sessions, decompression of your spine will help to realign your vertebrae, in case one or more of them have moved during your sporting session.

Facilitates and accelerates recovery after physical training

When you train, you take care of your health. But there are also negative points. Physical activity puts a lot of pressure on your bones and muscles.

In addition to that, the joints that support your weight are squeezed. That’s why the recovery time after intense sports training can be so long. However, if you spend a few minutes on any inversion table or other tool that allows you to put yourself in the inverted position, you give your joints a chance to decompress, which will allow the fluid and nutrients in the latter to fill the cavities provided for this purpose in your joints, which will help you recover much faster. Inversion therapy, when performed immediately after a physical training session, will help relax tense muscles and send them the amount of oxygen they need by improving blood circulation.

Nobody trains more intensely than the US Army Rangers. The military conducted a six – year study to evaluate the effects of using inversion tables to decompress by clutching the feet in the air with gravity boots, with the aim of improving the time of recovery of the Rangers after their training, and to avoid injuries as much as possible.


As has been clearly and profoundly developed throughout this article, there are a multitude of benefits associated with inversion therapy. Adopting the inverted position is one of the quickest and easiest techniques to improve your health, and start feeling younger, more energetic, and more attractive.

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