Interactive health massage chair

Interactive health massage chair

Health Benefits:
Regular massage treatments promote health in many ways. The Omega chair back massager is equipped with hand-like rollers that:

  • Relieve headaches, back strain and body fatigue.
  • Boost the immune system.
  • Reduce blood pressure.
  • Alleviate stress.
  • Help digestion
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve tight or sore muscles
  • Aid detoxification
  • Improve range of motion – flexibility

Major Highlights:

  • High quality– Genuine Japanese components are used in all the significant parts of the massager chair to provide a durable and reliable Shiatsu massage human touch chair.
  • Performance – The Omega chair back massager provides customized treatments from head to toe, using advanced techniques and adjustable features.
  • Reflexology – The Omega massage chair features unique foot reflexology that relieves stress and relaxes the entire body, by treating the foot acupressure points.
  • Technology – The Omega chair back massager uses forefront technology that performs comprehensive body scanning and tailors personally customized massage treatments to various users and needs.
  • Top notch design – the Omega massage chairs are famous for their exquisite elegant looks that meet the standards of front line furniture design.
  • Shiatsu therapy – The Omega massage human touch treatments are based on Shiatsu therapy, stimulating traditional acupressure points to enhance health and total relaxation.

A wise investment The Omega massage chair is a great investment. When buying the professional Omega chair back massager, you start saving money after less than 5 months.
The Shiatsu massage human touch chair simulates the masseuse techniques and eliminates the high cost of regular massage therapy.
The chair back massager is much like gym equipment – it requires an initial investment, but on the long run – returns every cent.

Massage chairs: What benefits?

Massage chairs offer countless benefits

The many benefits provided by a personal massage chair are considerable. In addition to improving your general health and preventing many physical ailments and diseases, a Real relax massage chair can even improve your emotional well-being by reducing your stress level and tension and by promoting a euphoric state of mind. more to increase alertness. You can enjoy all these benefits when you order your massage chair at

Massage chairs allow better blood circulation and oxygen balance

Massage movements provided by massage  chairs promote blood circulation throughout the body. You can prevent numbness or stiffness in your legs, back, shoulders, or neck. While relaxing the muscles of the body, the massage also promotes the ventilation of the lungs which allows a deeper and effective breathing. In addition to the many physical benefits felt, the massage chair is your best ally against stress and tension.

Massage chairs allow the relaxation of stiff and sore muscles

Mental stress is not the only form of stress that can cause damage to health. Physical stress, the main cause of muscle tension, can cause physical pain and prevent you from reaching a state of relaxation in addition to harming your sleep. Regular massage relaxes muscles and keeps them supple, reducing physical symptoms such as muscle and joint pain.

Massage chairs allow the reduction of blood pressure

High blood pressure is often caused by a physical problem or a high level of stress or high blood pressure. Regular massage fights blood pressure on two fronts; first, it promotes balance of blood flow throughout the body and secondly, it reduces the level of stress considerably.

The massage chairs allow the improvement of the posture

Tense and painful muscles can cause us to apply certain parts of the body in an abusive way. In addition to causing problems similar to other muscles and muscle groups, muscle pain can lead to poor posture habits and thus cause more serious problems in the long term. Poor posture can even make breathing more difficult and impair your blood circulation. By relaxing the muscles and making them more flexible, massage can help you restore your posture and restore your biomechanical balance.

Massage chairs allow healthier-looking skin

In addition to the muscular benefits, the massage provides your skin with a radiant health by promoting the release of toxins from the body through better blood circulation. Massage chairs work on your body without irritating your skin. This keeps its health capital, even after several sessions of complete massages. Poor health and high levels of stress can have a significant impact on the skin, and regular massage can counterbalance this effect.

Massage chairs allow a relaxed body promotes a relaxed state of mind

A relaxed body promotes relaxation of the mind. The body and soul are closely linked and tense muscles can either provoke or be the main cause of mental and emotional tension. By helping to prevent or combat the physical symptoms of stress you can also help prevent the emotional disorders that can be caused by stress and tension in the long run.

Massage chairs help relieve stress and tension

The modern pace of life is often overwhelming because of busy schedules, long hours of work, and a general state of stress that is often unavoidable. Although some levels of stress, tension, and anxiety are natural, such body manifestations can cause significant damage to your health. After only a few minutes in one of our massage chairs , you will already start to feel the benefits. In addition, the state of relaxation felt will allow you to reduce your stress to a more manageable level.

Massage chairs help improve your alertness and intellectual abilities

A good massage in a relaxing massage chair before or after work can help you get rid of some unpleasant physical ailments while releasing your mind from your daily hassle. Massage promotes the release of endorphins into the brain and this powerful cocktail allows your mind to focus on the tasks you need to perform; you have the tools you need to face the obstacles of everyday life.

Get yourself a massage chair today

It is important to reserve relaxation time on a daily basis. This is the most effective method to forget the hassle of work and other forms of stress. When you sit down in a Detentation Massage Chair, you’ll be surprised how quickly your daily hassle will take a back seat. Whether you choose the Sanyo Zero Gravity Massage Chair DR7700 , the Fujiiryoki JP1100 Massage Chair, the Panasonic EPMA70 Massage Chair or the Inada W1 Massage Chair , our range of massage chairs will finally allow you to adopt a healthier, free lifestyle stress and physical ailments.

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