How to use a video baby monitor?

How to use a video baby monitor?

How to use a video baby monitor?

When welcoming a newborn baby into the home, the question of monitoring is at the top of the parents’ first concerns list. Indeed, it is difficult to engage in daily chores while taking care of a baby. The video baby monitor therefore remains your best solution to this problem. But if you still don’t know how to use this kind of gadget, we are happy to advise you in the following article.

Read and understand the instructions

Be aware that all the products that you will find on the market will not necessarily have the same conditions of use. It is therefore necessary to take the instructions seriously before starting any manipulation. This is to avoid malfunctions. We therefore recommend that you read the instructions for use of the model you have chosen, in full.

Install the camera

The realization of this operation remains simple, whatever the specimen that you have in your possession. To do this, take the camera, one of the supplied sector chargers and the removable antenna. Connect the latter to the camera and place it where your baby’s monitoring will be optimal.

Recharge receiver batteries

Be aware that these little gadgets work via a battery. You will need to charge them before you can use them. This operation takes, in most cases, within 2 to 3 hours of time. It is imperative to respect the completion of this period if you expect quality work from your monitoring accessories. Otherwise, you may fall in the road at crucial times, so you will not be able to rescue your baby quickly.

Turn on the receivers

To do this, all you have to do is press the ON / OFF button on your receivers. Make sure that you have turned on the camera beforehand, as otherwise you will not receive any images. Which would be completely normal.

Adjust the reception volume

On most specimens you will find on the market, this option is available. It will allow you to better listen to your baby. You will be able to quickly offer him your comfort when you hear him cry or shout.

Talk to your child on your receiver

On some articles, this action is possible. If you are several steps from your child’s room, you can talk to them as if they were on a telephone. This will allow your baby to calm down and be reassured, as you will soon come to his bedside. To do this, constantly press the microphone button.

Activate the lullaby function

Your video baby monitor model may have this feature. The latter is particularly useful when your child wakes up suddenly and you are still too far from him. The music played will soothe your baby until you get to his side.

The criteria to take into account to choose a baby monitor with camera

Several elements must be taken into account before making the purchase. In particular, it is important to pay particular attention to:

1 / The scope

The transmission range is the maximum distance which must separate the video baby monitor from its receiver. It varies from 50 to 1000m. A baby monitor model with a long range is always preferable.

2 / The size of the screen

If you want to have a clear image, then a large screen is preferred.

3 / Image and sound quality

This criterion is essential if you want to have a clear vision and a refined listening of your baby’s room. The video and sound rendering must be of very good quality. Even check if there is the zoom function and other types of settings.

4 / Additional cameras

Some models allow multiple cameras to be connected to a single receiver. This can be very advantageous if you want to have a view from several angles and / or if you want to monitor several rooms at the same time.

5 / Night vision

The transmitter of some video baby monitors is equipped with infrared which makes it possible to obtain a fairly clear image of the room even when the lights are off or dimmed. At night, you can therefore observe your child without problem.

6 / The fixation

Here, it’s all about preference. Some video baby monitors are simply placed on a piece of furniture while others must be fixed to the wall or on the edge of the child’s bed.

7 / The budget

You have to be able to balance the quality of the device with your own budget. Choose the model that fits within your budget but ensures the safety of your baby optimally.

My tips for using your device properly

At the level of the monitor, make the settings according to your habits and those of the baby. In particular, it is necessary to adjust the noise level from which the device turns on, especially since it is not recommended to leave it in continuous mode given the electromagnetic wave emissions involved.

The distance between the baby and the babycam is also important. It must be at least 1 meter to avoid the health risks caused by the waves. Also make sure the gadget is not too close to other electronic devices.

Video baby monitor or classic baby monitor: What to choose and why?

Each of them has advantages and disadvantages. With the baby monitor, you can only hear the sounds coming from the child’s room. On the other hand, there is a greater range and the wave emissions are lower compared to video baby monitors known to concentrate a greater amount of waves.

Some therefore fear the overexposure of the young child. But video baby monitors offer more features for baby monitoring and are suitable for parents who want to be able to clearly observe their offspring. Also, in terms of price, video baby monitors are much more expensive. This means that the classic baby monitor may be better suited to tight budgets.

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