How to Pick the best video camera for kids (Ages 3-10+)?

Best video camera for kids

How to Pick the best video camera for kids (Ages 3-10+)?

Choosing the ideal camera for your child is a significant step in your kid’s photography trip. No matter if you have a boy or a woman, no matter if your kid is 3 years older or almost a teenager – there are many children cameras in the marketplace, and we all, at , are here in order to lead you through the decision making process and support you to select the most suitable choice for your little one.
A best kid friendly video camera correctly addresses the following three elements:

  • The kid’s age.
  • The kid’s degree of fascination with photography.
  • The Intended Use of this camera.

Age – a Camera for a 8 Year Old? A 4 Year Old? Or even a Teenager?

The ideal camera for a 3 year old is much different than the usual camera to get a 7 year old or a teenager. The primary features that are impacted by the kid’s era are:


The younger your child is, the larger the camera you must choose for them. The fine motor abilities of a 3-4 year-old kid aren’t created yet, and also the camera you decide on should be big enough for them to just grab and use. Additionally, many cameras for children at this age have special kid’s handles to make it easier and easier to hold.


Smaller kids have a tendency to lose their kid’s camera or potentially damage it, so the camera’s durability is also an important factor for younger kids.
Durability is also vital for older children, in case their intension would be to use it outside. Since you’ll find out after, many camera manufacturers offer excellent cameras with extra features suitable for outdoor photography — waterproof, dustproof, etc..

Usability For example — cameras to get younger kids have relatively large buttons, so to make it much easier for them to press on. Yet another example is having a display instead of a viewfinder. As you most likely know, younger children find it difficult to use a viewfinder (and oftentimes, they shut the incorrect attention when shooting…). On the other hand, in more sophisticated cameras, the screen is used for supplying an assortment of data regarding the picture shot, which can be significant for more professional photographers and older kids which take photography relatively seriously.


To get a younger kid, shooting a picture by their very own, using their own camera, is sufficient to make them proud. Therefore, a wide array of attributes might be unnecessary. On the flip side, for the older kid, the number may be difficult and as these become a source of curiosity and fascination. In my experience, a good camera for 8 year old children and upward, should provide over an Auto Mode.

Smaller children perceive their camera as a toy. Therefore, its form and colours are more important to them compared to other photography features. For older kids and teenagers, these attributes are less important. Having said that, we definitely can’t ignore the simple fact which all of us appreciate beautiful layout, so an ideal match would most likely be a mix of advanced quality and functionality with an appealing package.

Amount of Interest in Photography – Can Your Kid Wish to Be a Photographer?

Here is the second main factor to think about if you’re looking for a fantastic camera to the own kid. A camera for a child who believes photography is””fun”” or””cool””, is different from a camera for a child who is really interested in photography, as a hobby or an art to practice. The more curious in photography your kid is, the more significant the following things should be taken into consideration:

Quality of the Pictures

Dependent on the camera’s sensors and pixels, and in some cameras in extra light sensors and photography styles.


The wide range of features which will help your child and yourself not just take pictures but also progress and grow as a photographer. Virtually all cameras nowadays, such as children cameras, have an Auto Mode, meaning no manual setting is required prior to taking the shot. The more advanced cameras (mainly the electronic ones) have the addition to this few””adjusted”” setting modes, the photographer could choose before taking the photo. The difference between them is the exposure amount and shutter speed.

The last major question you better ask yourself before making any decision is about the future intended use of the camera. Let me discuss a few Straightforward examples to clarify this point:

If your child is interested in documenting his outside moments with his buddies, what you would probably want is a camera that may withstand outdoor conditions — water, dust, low / high temperatures, and etc..
If your kid is excited about shooting videos, don’t purchase them a camera buy them a video camera or a camcorder.

If you kid is enthused about photography as a hobby or a art — you better buy a more sophisticated, high quality camera, which will aid them practice and advance.

A Digital Camera or even a Polaroid Camera? What Is the Best digital camera for teenager?

As from the grownups world, there are just two Unique Types of detectors — both Digital and Polaroid:

Digital Cameras for Kids

No need to elaborate on the high quality and other benefits of digital cameras. The digital photography revolution changed photography dramatically, in a variety of ways. Photography became far more prevalent, available and cost effective — when previously you had to think twice before paying for the 24 or 36 images you had in the movie, using digital camera you’ll be able to take as many pictures as you want, since the cost of each photo is zero.

You can always just delete, and also at precisely the identical time have a second (and third) chance, at no cost. This is exceedingly important if considering purchasing a camera for kids, as designing photographs, by taking lots of shots, is among the most vital elements within their photography learning process.

Children Polaroid Cameras

You might think about a Polaroid camera within a classic fashion device, but the truth is that a Polaroid camera for children became very popular lately. There are 2 chief reasons my Polaroid camers for kids could possibly be a good option:

  • First, the graphics are tangible.Your kid can touch it, feel it, look at it, reveal it to their buddies and later on set it on the refrigerator door.
  • Secondly, if you are interested in teaching your kid photography, by using a Polaroid camera then you can instantly review the results of your child’s artwork, talk about it, provide feedback and share a few fruits for potential advancement.

Click here to review recommended Kids Polaroid Cameras
2 closing notes before choosing the best video camera for kids:

All big players in the cameras section are offering cameras for children: Nikon, Cannon, Sony, Olympus, FujiFilm, Polaroid and more. However, when it comes to cameras which aim younger kids (less than 6), significance — toy cameras — you will find more toy-oriented vendors like Fisher Price, VTech along with many others.

In case the child’s camera you’re about to buy is not a surprise – it might be better to talk about it with your kid. Display them the cameras images, inform them about the features that the camera has, share your thoughts. One of the attributes of a fantastic child’s camera is a camera your kid likes even before you bought it for them…

Thus… Choosing the best video camera for kids:
In Kids Camera Guide we insure many diverse children’ camera categories and options.”

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