How to clean weber genesis grill

How to clean weber genesis grill

Our tips for cleaning your weber genesis grill

Maintaining a barbecue at the beginning and at the end of the summer season can extend the life of the barbecue and keep it healthy. We encourage you to follow these tips.

Clean the barbecue grill

It is unthinkable to cook in a dirty pan or saucepan, the same goes for the grill of your barbecue which is in direct contact with food.

Quick and easy cleaning

  1. Heat your grill on your grill to carbonize fat and food leftovers.
  2. Wait for your grill to cool down and dive into a basin of water containing dishwashing liquid.
  3. Soak 15 to 20 minutes.
  4. Finally, get a wire brush and scrub your grill to remove dirt and residue.

This simple and regular cleaning will keep your grill intact for many seasons.Oven stripping products can also be effective in cleaning your barbecue, however, consider rinsing your grill after cleaning to remove the presence of chemicals.

If you feel that this cleaning is not enough, you can polish your grill so that it regains the radiance of its first days. To do this, simply complete this regular cleaning with two simple steps.

  1. Once your grill is cold, use baking soda or aluminum to remove the darkness caused by the fire.
  2. Finally, with a sponge and dishwashing liquid, you will only have to deal with the finishes. That’s it, your grill is perfectly clean!

Tip: for people less motivated, know that it is possible to pass a rack in the dishwasher. However, it must have been brushed beforehand to remove larger dirt.

Clean the fireplace

Cleaning the grill is not enough , it is also necessary to clean the barbecue hearth. The technique will not necessarily be the same depending on your type of barbecue , whether it is gas or coal.

Charcoal barbecue

It is important to clean the hearth of its barbecue regularly and at least at the end of every season. If you do not do this, it will cause an excess of unwanted smoke and may also alter the taste of your food . Once your barbecue is off, empty it from its ashes and rub it with a wire brush . If possible, avoid using the same brush as for the grid . You can also use soda crystals or a special barbecue degreaser .

Gas barbecue

Outside the grill, the burners are cleaned regularly. This is to prevent clogging and maintain the performance of the unit. If the burners are not detachable, we advise you to change them after 3 years.If your barbecue works with lava rocks, be aware that these stones do not wash and that you will need to replace them every year.

When the barbecue is not used …

It is possible to cover its barbecue with a protective cover adapted to prevent rust but the most effective protection is to keep it safe during the winter . Finally, you can repaint the bowl of the barbecue with a special high temperature paint to give it a new youth.
Emptying ashes after each use also facilitates the next ignition .

The advantage of regular maintenance

Regular maintenance is key to keeping a device in good condition over the seasons. Cleaning it regularly has several advantages:

  • you will not run out on stubborn fat
  • you will increase the life of your device
  • you will avoid the accumulation of bad smoke that can potentially be dangerous for your health

So now you have all the cards in your hands to perfectly clean your beloved barbecue. It’s your turn !

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