How to choose the right bike rack?

Bike crack

How to choose the right bike carrier?

Bike crack

The bike carrier is suitable equipment for the safe transport of bicycles during a trip. There are many models on the market. But, it should be known that all the available devices are not equal. Here is what to choose a bike carrier that perfectly meets his expectations. Focus!

The best bike carrier depending on the type of vehicle

Regarding the bike carrier, there are many solutions available to pedaling enthusiasts to take their two-wheelers with them on a family outing or during the holidays. However, this equipment should not be chosen at random. Thus, the first criterion to consider when selecting is the type of vehicle.

There are indeed three main categories of bicycle carriers, namely the towing bicycle carrier, the roof bicycle carrier, and the trunk bicycle carrier. Owners of vehicles equipped with a roof rack, therefore, have a vested interest in opting for a roof bike carrier. What to avoid additional investment.
In addition, if the car has a hitch ball, the best hitch bike rack seems to be the quality solution in order to save a little money. The boot bike carrier or tailgate bike carrier is the one that can be adapted to all types of vehicles.

Furthermore, the shape of the car should not be overlooked. If it is very high, for example, the roof bike carrier will not be the ideal solution. Indeed, a significant height could be a snag when going through a tunnel or cause difficulties when accessing garages or underground parking lots.

Choose your bike carrier according to the number and type of bike to transport
If users plan to carry a maximum of three bikes, they are free to choose a hitch bike carrier, a roof bike carrier or a tailgate bike carrier. However, you must check the load capacity of the device before making any decision.

In fact, if the number of bikes goes beyond four, the towing bike carrier is the most suitable. This is particularly the case when all the family members seek to take advantage of their two-wheelers once they have arrived at their destination.

Most models of bicycle carriers are universal, in the sense that they can support any bicycle (electric bicycle, bicycle for children or bicycle for women). Be aware, however, that some models are not compatible with all bicycles.

In addition, for high-end bikes that do not withstand shocks, the roof bike carrier is the most suitable. In all cases, you must take the time to read the desired bicycle carrier manual.

The ideal bike carrier depending on the frequency of use

The frequency of use must also be included in the list of criteria to be taken into account when purchasing a bicycle carrier. In fact, for frequent escapades, it is recommended to bet on the towing bike carrier, because it is the easiest to set up.

Moreover, with this model, users will be able to load and unload their bikes quickly and easily. Conversely, for occasional use, users do not need to spend a considerable amount on a towing bike carrier or a roof bike carrier. The trunk bike rack will do the trick, this one is all the more the cheapest option.

Other criteria to take into account when choosing a good bike carrier

After defining the model of bike carrier that perfectly matches his vehicle and that meets the number of bikes to transport. And also the frequency of use, it will be necessary to dwell on other important criteria.

First, since nobody wants to throw their money out the window, it is better to ensure the reliability of the equipment to be acquired.

So, to put the odds on its side, it is advisable to bet on very reputable brand products. Likewise, the purchase should not be made at any store that offers such equipment. In fact, investors have every interest in making their acquisition from reputable distributors.

In addition, in order not to waste an incredible amount of time when installing a bicycle carrier, it is better to focus your choice on models that are easy to handle. In addition, equipment designed in aluminum or stainless steel has the merits of being very resistant. It should be noted, moreover, that some more sophisticated versions incorporate bicycle locking devices. Enough to meet the requirements of those looking to further strengthen the security of their equipment.

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