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Electric blanket Black Friday sale

Electric blankets: review and comparison of the best models

In winter, an electric blanket is a real necessity. No need to curl up under a ton of blankets for a little warmth. We, therefore, give you every reason to want to buy one. However, you must be warned. There is a wide variety of electric blankets on the market. And making a choice may be more difficult than you think. Many points must be taken into consideration: the proposed temperature range, the material it is made of, size, ease of maintenance and above all safety. 

According to studies, having an electric blanket at home not only improves comfort, but it also helps reduce energy bills. These reasons therefore explain why the electric blanket is so popular. So we’ve put together this buying guide for the best electric blankets so that you know how to buy an electric blanket that is better value for money.

Available options and safety devices

The first features you will need to check are the options available and the safety features.

For the available options, it is mainly a question of checking the temperature levels that the electric blanket that interests you may offer. The number of levels available varies from one model to another, but if you like to have complete equipment in general, go without hesitation on a model that offers several choices. On the other hand, if you only need a little warmth, a simple electric blanket that can offer up to 3 temperature levels will be fine for you.

However, check the heating blanket setting options, as it is important that the choice of temperature is very easy, thanks to a device that everyone can handle.

As for the safety device, it is mainly a question of checking if the cover can protect you from possible accidents of overheating which could be dramatic. Some electric blankets turn off automatically after a few hours and are useful for people who sleep easily or just need to heat a particular area.

When you have verified these criteria, you can continue your quest.

The size and material of the cover

Our next tips for choosing the right electric blanket are choosing the right size and material for the blanket.

The choice of size depends on you and the size of your bed. So, go for a heated blanket if you mainly use it as a blanket when reading a book outside. Go for a one-bed model if you only have one bed to heat, and finally, choose a two-person heated blanket if you have a double bed or if you just like large blankets.

Finally, regarding the material, choose natural materials if you have allergy problems. In case you don’t have this type of problem, you can go for the model that you like and that best suits your needs.

Maintenance and versatility

It is good that you remember that a price comparison will tell you the right store to buy a new electric blanket. However, before making your final choice, you will need to check if the maintenance is easy and if the electric blanket is still versatile.

To do this, check if the blanket can go through the washing machine without problems and know that a versatile heating blanket can also be used to heat various surfaces, in addition to being able to heat you entirely or on only certain parts of your body.

The 5 Best Electric Blankets (Reviews & Tests) of 2020

Black Friday deals on electric blankets 

To make real savings in winter and enjoy some comfort, using an electric blanket is a good option. However, given the current choice that the market offers us in this regard, there are many who do not know how to choose the best electric blankets of 2020. Here, then, is a selection that will lead you to make the right choice in the matter.

My #1 Pick- SoftHeat by Perfect Fit 

My #2 Pick -Sunbeam Heated Blanket |

My #3 Pick -Sunbeam Heated Blanket | Velvet Plush, 10 Heat Settings, Mushroom, Full 

My #4 Pick-SoftHeat by Perfect Fit | Luxury Micro-Fleece Low-Voltage Electric Heated Blanket

My #5 Pick-Thermee Micro Flannel Electric Blanket, Lilac, King

How to choose the right electric blanket Black Friday Deals?

To be successful in choosing your electric heating blanket, there are some essential aspects to consider. What is it exactly?

What is the size of the blanket?

This is the first point to look at before making any choice.

Depending on whether you are the only one or two to benefit from the coverage, it is necessary to see for how many people the coverage is provided.

Dimensions 180 x 130 cm are an indication to understand that you can validly use it in pairs.

Comfort is what it is, therefore, it is best to choose the right size to be properly covered and sufficiently warmed.

What is its heating power?

Generally, the power of the electric heating blanket ranges from 100 to 150 watts.

Such power speeds up the heating time of the blanket and also makes it easy to warm up.

To better channel this power, we appreciate not only having a temperature control system according to the sensitivities of each, but also to have a protection system against overheating.

It is particularly important when the heated blanket is operating at full capacity due to the small risk of fire.

In addition, the presence of the automatic shutdown function, ideally adjustable, is a plus.

What material is it made of?

Generally, the electric heated blanket is made with polyester, a soft and breathable fabric that is suitable for everyone because it does not attack the skin.

Many manufacturers make it an imitation fur or offer a texture so fluffy and soft that the comfort and well-being of the user are guaranteed.

Certification from a serious label known as Oeko Tex can help you determine the level of quality of your blanket.

What color will I choose?

There it all depends on your preferences.

So indulge yourself by choosing a color that inspires you and that will make you want to spend the night in your blanket.

Why not look for a color that matches the existing bedding or your sofa?

What are the functions of my heating blanket?

Check already that the device has a removable remote control.

This is interesting for reasons of comfort but also of hygiene because the remote control is generally not immersible.

You have to be able to remove it to wash the blanket. Moreover, this is another detail to check.

A machine washable blanket is easier to maintain and will obviously make your life easier.

For more practicality, do not hesitate to opt for a removable cover. An indicator light to help you know the operating status of your cover is a plus.

What budget?

Let us get along well. You don’t have to break the bank to have a good electric blanket.

So take the time to carefully check the prices and get a clear idea of ​​the value for money by examining the features of your electric blanket and the opinions of users.

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